Nexon will be releasing the global version of Heroes of Incredible Tales 2

By , on September 28, 2021
Last modified 3 weeks, 5 days ago

A publishing agreement was signed by Nexon Co, Ltd on September 27th, stating that Nexon Korea will provide global support for Heroes of Incredible Tales 2 (HIT 2). The sequel to Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT), released on the mobile platforms and developed by Nexon's subsidiary company, NAT Games Co, Ltd.

Lee Jung-Heon, the CEO of Nexon Co. Ltd. said "Based on NAT Games’ own RPG success… we will actively support HIT 2 to continue its new box office success”.

Many of the things have changed with HIT 2 when compared with the first game. It was announced under the name of Project XH earlier this year and is proposed to be a multi-platform MMORPG that will work across PC and mobile platforms. The game is bound to be a hit as it's being developed from scratch using Unreal Engine 4, but not much in terms of HIT 2's have been teased so far.

HIT 2 has to live up to its predecessor

The first title, HIT, launched back in 2016 was a massive hit among the players as it crossed 25 million game downloads. Having such great influence, it managed to catch the eye of the Korean Game Awards and was placed among the best games in Korea as well as globally. Players have high hopes for HIT 2 as HIT was one of the most successful games out there, and the sequel is being built on the mind-blowing Unreal Engine 4, which is bound to make the gameplay experience for players overwhelming.

Still, there are no renderings on how the game will look, but hopefully, the developers will do an excellent job with this game because they managed to do it once before with HIT.

Players worldwide are waiting eagerly for the game's launch because everyone is excited to see how HIT 2 will be far better than the prequel HIT, which was already one of the best.