Tiny Pixel Knight is an idle RPG available in beta testing for Android devices

By , on September 30, 2021
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Tiny Pixel Knight is a new relaxing RPG adventure, packed with pixels and tales that audiences of all ages shall enjoy. Loongcheer Game released Tiny Pixel Knight – Idle RPG Adventure Tales in beta early access for Android devices only; iOS users will have to wait longer.

A New Fable Unfolds

Humans suffer as monsters take over the land of the pixel kingdom, tormenting and troubling their habitat causing it to shrinks and become weaker. Their existence is threatened, and for thousands of years, this tragedy continues. But one day, the tiny knight rises, believing the humans having no knowledge of the monsters is the reason they are vulnerable!

Tiny Pixel Knight offers you the adventure of "investigate and record," as the player's goal is inspecting the monsters and maintaining data for all battles and their consequences. Meanwhile, an enchanting princess shall wait for you, a beautiful feeling contained in her heart – but shh! It is a surprise!

A True Treat for Idle Players!

- A Whole New World!

  • Unlock 10+ intriguing regions (forest, relic, desert, island, dragon cave...) with an idle game and autofight.
  • Fight and find hidden tales to uncover the secrets.

- You are The Hero!

  • A talent tree with over 200 skills that will let you train your heroes.
  • Breaking the limit with rebirth!
  • Flourish, level up, grow your talents.

- Boost Yourself!

  • Upgrade and forge your weapons.
  • Get scroll effects by analyzing them.
  • Ask for the spirits’ help!

- Complete The Monster Index!

  • Unlock the index.
  • Battle hundreds of monsters.
  • Check their fascinating introductions!

- Lots to Achieve!

  • Gain resources by unlocking achievements.
  • Collect them all!

Relaxing gameplay with easy features

While the tiny pixel knight fights the creatures himself, the gameplay is kept on the simple side for the player. All you have to do is pick the time for battles and when to confront the boss. With a vibrant art style and soothing music, you're sure to be in a pleasant mood. You can play the game when you want to unwind in your spare time.

The main objective is to inspect all of the monsters and complete all of the maps. Strength is the key to reach this aim.

Improve Your Skills!

Make new gears, gather scrolls, and meet the elves!

Gears can be remoulded, enhanced, and modified once it has been gorged. The scrolls can help you improve your talents and reward you with boosts. While progressing through the maps, you can gain scrolls. You may meet elves who will become your friends and help you improve your gaming stats during your journey.

The tiny knight's skill tree is huge – with over 200 skill combinations to choose from, you can give your small knight a one-of-a-kind personality. Along with this, the talent system can grant numerous in-game bonuses. In case you mess up, don't worry! The skill tree and talent system could be reset.

For all lovers of RPGs and those who wish to relax and chill with a calming game, Tiny Pixel Knight is now available for Android devices as part of a beta early access program available to download on the Google Play Store.