ZIO and the Magic Scrolls, an automated AFK RPG, is up for pre-registrations on Android devices

By , on November 14, 2021
Last modified 2 years, 8 months ago

Super Planet's Zio and the Magic Scrolls is an automated AFK action RPG featuring five heroes and Magic scrolls. The game is currently available for pre-registration. Players can plan strategies, use skills, and embark on an expedition to acquire the titular magic scrolls.

Travel to the land of Aerok in this webtoon spinoff

The narrative takes place in the wizarding world of Aerok, established following the conflict between Mages and Warlocks. The main character, Zio, successfully shuts the strongest warlock away, bringing the fight to a conclusion. However, he loses much of his magical abilities in the process. Now, he can only create magic scrolls that allow regular people to harness and use the power of magic.

It is up to the player to keep the world in a state of peace. Aside from the primary goal, there is a mystery surrounding the main character Zio. Previously an Archmage, but now just a regular scroll trader. It is the player's responsibility to figure out Zio's true identity.

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ZIO and the Magic Scrolls features auto-battles

It's a five-hero auto-battle game using magic scrolls. Since it is an AFK RPG, both fighting and skill use is automated. When the fight isn't going well, the player can use the magic scrolls to gain the upper hand and perform thrilling special techniques. Only three magic scrolls can be used in battle, but the player can gather and upgrade up to 18 magic scrolls with varied powers ranging from regular magic to black magic. To utilize magic scrolls, players needs mana, and each magic scroll requires a different amount of mana.

Players will explore the global map across four chapters and 22 episodes and experience the expansive vision and intriguing plot. They can encounter the heroes' hidden episodes, which are told in a cartoon-like manner. Apart from this, the game offers a slew of other elements that players will find as they go through the game.

Meanwhile, interested players may pre-register for ZIO and the Magic Scrolls game on Google Play. The developers have not given any details on the iOS release.