Summoners War: Lost Centuria Season 8 Update brings new monsters, Co-op battles and more

By , on November 30, 2021
Last modified 1 year, 12 months ago

The latest, significant, Season 8 update for Summoners War: Lost Centuria has been released by Com2uS, the creators of the highly famous fantasy RPG franchise Summoners War. This Season 8 update will include the addition of Mu Shu, a new Water Hero Monster, as well as a brand-new Co-Op Battle Mode in which Summoners can team up to take down challenging bosses.

Furthermore, players will be able to employ the new "Selective Ancient Summon" method to ensure that they acquire a Monster and use the new level boosting function to refine their abilities with the Monsters launched each season.

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New monster and festures coming with this update:

New Monster – Mu Shu: Mu Shu, a Water Hero Monster, can now be added to a player's Monster collection. Mu Shu can assault the front lines of adversaries with her "La Vie en Rose" skill, which grants a special ability that boosts damage and negative effects on opponents. Her Skill Stone also improves the damage of La Vie en Rose by 20%, making her a valuable addition to any player's squad.

Aside from introducing the new monster Mu Shu, this update will include a slew of new unique stuff for gamers.

New Co-Op Battle Mode: Players will be able to link up with their friends in a brand-new Co-Op Battle Mode in the next update, where they will work together to devise the best plan for defeating difficult foes. In this mode, in addition to your Monsters, you can participate cooperatively based on the fight conditions, such as healing the ally user's Monsters or offering favorable effects. When the boss performs a skill, both users can utilize a counter skill to counter the boss's skill. The new option, though, will only be available on weekends.

New Summoning Method: The game has added a new summoning method called "Selective Ancient Summon." Players can employ the Selective Ancient Summon for a week at the start of the season before moving on with their Ancient Book or Magic Crystal. Furthermore, players will be assured to summon one of the Monsters if they choose a Hero or Legend Monster and complete a summon.

New Level Boosting Function: When new Monsters are added to the game, players will use a new "Level Boosting" feature. For the rest of the season, the level of new Monsters in Normal Battle will be changed based on the user's level. In addition, the update will allow players to use the newly introduced Monsters in battle more quickly and freely test the new Monster's Skill Stone.