Haegin introduces Christmas 2021 update in Play Together to bring new items, decors, houses and more

By , on December 15, 2021
Last modified 6 months, 1 week ago

The latest Christmas Season 2021 update for HAEGIN's casual social networking-based IP, Play Together, is now available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. New content and convenience improvements, such as updated Christmas-themed goods, new house management systems, and more, are included in this version.

At Kaia Island, it's going to be a snowy day

The new December 2021 update adds a winter mood to Play Together, complete with white snow. The lovely beauty of a snowy Kaia Island and the Plaza with Christmas-themed decorations will be available to players.

After completing certain objectives, players can receive gifts from a unique NPC and engage in snowball fights with friends at the Plaza and Camping Ground. A new firework item has also been added, purchased from NPCs along the beach.

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Play Together's Updates for Christmas Season 2021 will bring smart technology to houses

In this version, convenience has also been improved in response to feedback from gamers worldwide. The "Blueprint System" allows players to save their interior ideas and use them whenever they desire. The "Smart Home System" will help players manage their house, including lights and sounds, entrance restrictions, and notice the guest.

To make it easier to find items, they can be marked as favorites. Play Together will release Special coupon codes to celebrate this Christmas until December 24th, 2021, along with the new December 2021 update. On the official Play Together community, players may locate each coupon code that grants them access to the exclusive outfits.