10tons announces the iOS port of open world RPG Dysmantle

By , on May 16, 2022
Last modified 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Finnish indie developers 10tons have decided to cater to everyone's inner destructive desires by creating a game called Dysmantle, wherein 99% of the environment is available to be broken down and destroyed for materials. Dysmantle was released for PC and Consoles in November 2021 and will be coming to iOS on May 19th for those who prefer their destructive rampages to be portable.

Whilst the premise of being able to utterly obliterate anything that comes into view may be enough for some people Dysmantle does have a lot of depth involved, even if 10tons did build up from that base idea. Inspired by mining games such as Motherload and Steamworld Dig, players are able to grind up almost anything they like in materials to use for crafting later on or for just sheer amusement, with only the things that advance the plot being spared the destruction for obvious reasons.

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Dysmantle is a lot more than a wrecking yard, it is a fully-fledged open world action RPG with the elements we all love; fighting, leveling, gathering and crafting. There are a few areas the character will need to be of a sufficient gear or level to survive. Players will need to hunt, fish and farm to survive to upgrade their gear to progress, or raid one of the always tempting ruins and tombs that scatter the world and yield powerful items.

When exploring the map, there will be areas full of monsters that can be claimed by clearing said monster in classic RPG fashion, no monster spared. Once claimed these spaces are available to build outposts on and set up farms to help survive in the post-acopaclyptic era. It is even possible to tame wild animals to set up a ranch for the full surivivalist experience.

Dysmantle is available to preorder now on the App Store for $9.99 and will launch on May 19th.