Postknight 2 recieves massive update with the launch of Greater Heights

By , on August 2, 2022
Last modified 10 months ago

The newest update to Postknight 2, Greater Heights, has officially launched, bringing with it a bevvy of updates. Notably, the update brings a further five language options to choose from, delivering the game to more expectant players worldwide.

Postknight 2 is a rather cutesy-looking game which places the players in the shoes of a Postknight Trainee, a character who is a medieval FedEx employee just in rather bulky armour. They must traverse the dangerous trails to make their deliveries to the weird and wonderful inhabitants of Prism.

Greater Heights introduces the lands of Quivtol, from the battle-scarred treetops of the Sagacia Forest to the towering crystal walls of Regalle City, one of the fanciest sounding cities in all of gaming. The player will work together with Postknight veteran Larielle to win the trust of the Aegles, the land's native folk, with a view to set up a new Postknight Branch and earn a few new pen pals.

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The new area brings with it a bounty of new content to get involved with. New enemies prowl the forests, ready to inflict new deadly status effects, however, an excellent defence for these comes in the form of upgraded and reworked Heavy Weapons. And of course, no new adventure would be complete without more customisation options to style through Quivtol. There are additional hairstyles, hair colours and facial features to play with, to be the most fashionable Postknight in existence.

In thrilling news for the international audience, Postknight 2 now offers a further five language options: German, Spanish, French, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. Developers Kurechii has emphasised that more language options are being worked on and will be implemented in further updates, although no specifics have been stated.

Postknight 2 is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.