Alchemy Stars latest update brings two new units and massive reward in new episodes

By , on November 21, 2022
Last modified 6 days, 21 hours ago

The latest update has launched for Alchemy Stars, bringing a huge wave of new content. Flight of Homeward Bound Stars introduces new units, events, and a rather striking piece of art featuring a magnificent dragon.

The first major content this adds is two new main story updates, Episodes 13 and 14. As well as the new story, anyone who clears episode 14 will receive the Solamber to upgrade Vice: Keen Knight. The quintessential sniper, Vice has the skills to utterly destroy a single target from range, so this giveaway is incredibly worthwhile.

Flight of the Homeward Bound Stars itself is a limited event that will give access to Axelia’s Laboratory for a limited time, which will reward anyone who takes part with some special rewards, until leaving us on December 12th. To celebrate the update, there will also be a special log-in event gifting players daily rewards until December 14th.

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One of the best parts of updates is the arrival of new units, and this one brings us two. The 6-star Axelia is an exceptional support for thunder teams. With her Cubic Energy mechanic, she is able to summon some powerful healing orbs, and even use her Authority Module to pull off certain skills of other Thunder Authroians, a rather nifty trick. The five-star Beretta is an ice unit that is able to use its skills to deal some massive damage to multiple units at once, making her a serviceable AOE unit.

Tourdog Studio has also announced a special contest giving fans the chance to compost an official Alchemy Stars idol group. Voting can be done on the official form which features a huge number of options, and the top five characters will come together to create the ultimate idol group. Voting will close on November 30th, so get voting.

Alchemy Stars is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.