Identity V announces latest crossover with one of horror video games greatest

By , on November 25, 2022
Last modified 2 months ago

NetEase has announced the latest crossover for its survival horror game Identity V, and it is an absolute giant of the horror genre. Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly will be lending some of its iconic characters and unique gameplay to the 1 v 4 asymmetric game.

Project Zero, or Fatal Frame, depending on where you are from, is a series of survival horror games by Koei Tecmo, which set itself apart with the use of its Camera Osbscura, an antique camera that you had to use to see and combat ghosts. The series itself has always been well-regarded, but the second entry, Crimson Butterfly, is often hailed as one of the scariest and greatest horror games ever made.

The first character to cross over is protagonist Mio, the younger of the title's twins. When they were children Mios’ sister, Mayu, fell down a deep ravine and broke her knee, causing her to walk with a limp. Mio felt responsible for this event and promised to also be with her sister, even following Mayu when she started to chase a mysterious red butterfly into the woods, kicking off the events of the game.

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Also coming across is Sae Kuroosawa, the tragic antagonist of the title. During the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual, her sister Yae fled the village, leaving Sae to be left alone to perform the ritual which ultimately failed. As a result, Saes’ ghost was twisted with Malice, and she proceeded the wreck her vengence on the village, until the arrival of a young girl who reminds Sae of her sister.

During the crossover there will be a few flavoured events for everyone to get involved in, revolving around the famous camera mechanic of the Project Zero series. By taking photos, singing in and fishing tasks you can unlock Portraits for Mio Amakura and Sae Kurosaw, plus the [Portrait Frame] Project Zero, and more.

The crossover event will be held until December 23rd, and there will be an exclusive Gift Package in the shop for a limited time. The Mio Amakura pack includes [A-Costume] Perfumer - Mio Amakura, [A-Accessory] Permumer -Memo, and [A-Costume] Geisha - Sae Kurosawa.

Identity V is available to download now for free on the App Store and Google Play.