Torchlight reveals new hero, reworks and challenge ahead of upcoming season

By , on January 9, 2023
Last modified 3 weeks, 4 days ago

January 12th will see Torchlight releasing its newest season, called Blacksail. This season will send Hunters unto the Sea of Void to traverse the deadly waters and encounter Torchlight's biggest challenge yet, the Lord of the Void Sea, king of the pirates.

This new season is kicking off strong in relation to its heroes, not least with the introduction of a whole new one. A new stalker, Cateye Erika comes from the Ichi Tribe and wields dual blades in combat, the greatest of fighting styles. Thanks to her Hero Trait Wind Stalker, she uses her swords to great effect, swiftly speeding through enemies to soften them up before delivering a devastating Linear skill.

It’s not just new heroes this season, with some old heroes being shown some love. The battle-hardened berserker Rehan has received a brand new Hero Trait, a new Raging Phantom. This skill allows Rehan to bring forth an Ancestor Spirit to battle with him, soaring along with you and using Rehan’s main skills to wipe out enemies for you.

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Finally, Moto will also be getting a new Hero Trait, called Charge Calling. Continuing with the Commander's minion-based gameplay, Moto will summon a group of Synthetic Troops who will dutifully rush your enemies, before immediately self-destructing to deal massive damage to enemies. Victory requires sacrifice after all.

XD has announced its latest community event, First Down, which will see streamers compete against each other to reach Timemark 6 and defeat the Traveller boss as fast as they can. Far from just watching others play, this event is an interactive contest, with players being able to win rewards simply by choosing a streamer to back. How well they rank will determine what prizes you get, but everyone who enters will at least receive 50 Primocrysts.

If you wish to pre-register for the season, which will net you 200 Shattered Primodials and more goodies, or want to learn more about First Down, visit the official site. Otherwise, download Torchlight from the App Store or Google Play to practise for the newest raft of content.