KartRider: Drift officialy launches with preseason content coming to mobile

By , on January 16, 2023
Last modified 2 weeks, 4 days ago

After a lot of anticipation, Nexon has finally announced the release of KartRider: Drift for Western audiences. The latest entry from one of Asia's most renowned arcade racers, Drift gives mobile gamers the opportunity to master the track and become a racing superstar.

Kartrider: Drift is the latest mobile entry in Nexon’s renowned kart racing series, stemming from the original Kartrider launching in 2004. This first entry racked up 380 million players since release, with the series cementing itself as a staple in the racing genre, particularly in Asia. Since 2005 there has been an official eSports league which remains to this day, making it the longest-running eSports league to date.

The flag has been waved and preseason has officially kicked off, giving racers the world over a chance to race on bright, colourful tracks in the full glory of Unreal Engine 4. Progression through the game will be done via the unique License System, a series of specially designed courses to make everyone the best racer they can be. When you've mastered the Licenses, take the Time Attack Mode and try to reach the top of the leaderboard.

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It’s all well and good finishing in first place, but really what’s the point if you haven’t done it in style? Luckily, Kartrider: Drift gives players quite a robust customisation system for both their karts and their characters. You can even get player-created kart skins for that truly unique look as you blast past your opponents.

If you are looking for some more customisation options, you will be able to unlock further characters, karts, accessories and emotes through the Racing Pass. There are a variety of different daily and event challenges to complete to unlock later levels for more unlocks, with Premium challenges becoming available if you purchase a Premium Racing Pass. Luckily, it seems these items are just cosmetics so there won’t be any unfair advantage if you don’t buy them, you will just be less shiny.

KartRider: Drift is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.