Tower of Fantasy celebrates its sixth-month anniversary with massive new update

By , on January 19, 2023
Last modified 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have announced the upcoming 2.3 update for their MMORPG Tower of Fantasy. Somewhat forebodingly called Wandering Amidst Miasma, the content will arrive on February 2nd with a new story, map, bosses and much more.

The new map will bring the Wanderer to Vera’s Miasmic Swamp, host to a diverse landscape full of rock-ladened valleys and vast, rainforest-like vegetation, a rather stark contrast to the recently explored desert biomes. The swamp is chock full of brand new creatures to tackle, as well as plant life such as the vibrant Neon Mushrooms. The area will also be scattered with mysterious Egg Devices, adding new special gameplay and puzzle-solving aspects.

When exploring the new area you will also encounter two new bosses to seriously test your skills. Jormungan wields a claymore with fearsome efficiency, whilst Eva uses volt attacks paired with devastating spinning assaults. Whilst they may sound like your run-of-the-mill big baddies, both of these bosses will enter second phases, increasing their attack range and the number of lightning hits.

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In addition to these tough new battles, there will also be three interesting new challenges for players to unwind with. The Carnival Party will see you go toe to toe with a music band, weathering a barrage of unique guitar and vocal attacks. Pursuit of Fate will have you defeat a variety of enemies, equipping you with a racecar to travel from phase to phase for some unusual fun. Finally, Origin of War will introduce multiplayer tower climbing gameplay, allowing players to mix and match in builds.

Version 2.3 also coincides with Tower of Fantasy's sixth-month anniversary, with developers showering all its loyal player base with a variety of events and rewards. You will be able to scoop prizes such as nuclei, dark crystals and more to make your adventure through the Miasma a little easier.

Tower of Fantasy is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.