It’s an Ant Family gathering as Marvel Contest of Champions introduces two new fighters

By , on February 7, 2023
Last modified 4 months ago

It's a dire time for Marvel Contest of Champions, as Pym Labs and the Quantum Realm are in danger. Luckily Cassie Lang is on the case, however the arrival of a character claiming to be the Ant-Man of the future will leave her wondering if this is truly a friend or another foe?

Thanks to the MCU, whenever you say Ant-Man people will go to either Scott Lang or the original, Hank Pym, however Contest of Champions has gone a different way and instead is introducing Dr Zayn Asghar, the Ant-Man of the future. Whilst it may seem odd to pair Cassie with an unrelated Ant-Man, it makes perfect sense when we look at Cassie's move pool.

As the daughter of an Ant-Man, Cassie Lang utilises the Pym Particle Technology with her suit to do what the Ant lot does best, shrink and grow. Opening up with The Lang Special, Cassie busts out a quick combo before shrinking down to get close and deliver a knockout knee to the jaw, before letting off some Growing Frustrations by getting big and raining blows onto her opponents. To cap it off, Cassie can use Pym Suit Overdrive to trick an opponent, before growing massive and stomping them beneath her shoe.

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With Cassie hogging all the Pym Particles, Future Ant-Man brings a whole different move set to cut down on any repeat. Instead of Particles, Asghar invented a swarm of microbots to manipulate and control. One such use is the Holospear, where he tracks an opponent in a sphere before constructing and launching a spear at the helpless captive. Nano-Punch is what it sounds like, two giant nano-fists appear and pummel the opponent before Asghar throws his favourite spear again. Finally, his ultimate sees the Nano-Ant Swarm capture the foe, and pelt them with a flurry of attacks before ending it with an oversized punch into the ground.

If you are interested in trying out these two characters, Cassie Lang lands on February 16th, with Future Ant-Man following on March 2nd, and of course, you’ll need to download Marvel Contest of Champions from the App Store or Google Play to experience either of them.