New trailer showcasing epic battles against giant foes for Call of Dragons

By , on February 27, 2023
Last modified 1 month ago

LEGOU Games and Fairlight Games have released a tantalizing new trailer for their upcoming MMOSLG, Call of Dragons. Showcasing the Behemoths of the games, players will be able to battle giant foes with the aim of taming them to add to their ranks in battle.

Anyone would be forgiven for thinking the biggest monsters you would be encountering as you played Call of Dragons would be the titular Dragons, however, it turns out we would be wrong. Farlight has released their latest trailer showing off one of the many gigantic Behemoths you will face in Tamaris; the Giant Bear.

The trailer shows just how fearsome this Behemoth Bear is, capable of using an AOE to send all of your troops flying, which will both hurt and seriously mess up your formations. Another interesting thing to note is the gameplay, which looks quite impressive. Being able to almost sneak into the enemy's lair and position your troops how you want them before provoking the beast looks quite fun.

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What’s also interesting is the depth of the combat. In LEGOUs’ other RTS-style game, Rise of Kingdoms, a lot of the tactics came from choosing who to fight with each unit and then watching it unfold. Call of Dragons shows a more reactive system, having the Behemoths drop healing mana stones to keep you going, and having the enrage function to make sure your battle plan is on point. It all looks fairly compelling.

Not only are Behemoths an interesting fight to take part in, but when you beat and capture them they will grant bonuses to research, construction, and gathering because as we all know giant bears are most at home in the laboratory. As well as passive buffs, having the ability to summon your new friends to aid you in battle adds some new strategies to employ, and just seems like pretty good fun.

Any Android user itching to tame a giant beast or two should check out Call of Dragons on Google Play, however, iOS gamers will have to hold on for a bit longer. Make sure to pre-register as you wait so you get some sweet pre-registration rewards to give you a head start in Tamaris.