Avatars Saga preperes to leave Asia as it's number one mobile ARPG

By , on March 3, 2023
Last modified 4 weeks ago

One of Asia’s top ARPG mobile games will soon release in Europe and North America as Avatars Saga prepares to go worldwide. With over 10 million players and having sat number 1 on the App Stores free games in Southeast Asia, Avatars Saga is looking to be an interesting one to watch.

Avatars Saga is an idle ARPG set in a massive open-world map with a lot to do and see. You can explore a magical forest and befriend a mysterious panda, strike out into the icy biomes and tackle fearsome monsters, or simply head to Braod Ranch and take part in some thrilling dragon racing.

When you begin you will be presented with the quintessential choice for gamers; what class what you play? The options are swordsman, warrior, archer, assassin, or spearman, so there is quite a bit of choice. You will then be able to customize your playstyle further with the attribute system, having the choice of ice, fire, thunder, light, and darkness. After that, it’s time to strike out into the open world.

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If you are even vaguely interested in exploring this new world then it is highly advised that you pre-register as there are a few interesting perks for doing so. To start with, as soon as you log into the game you’ll receive 1,000 free draws for a myriad of resources to start you off with which is pretty cool.

You will also receive an adorable super rare Panda pet to accompany you on your journey. As a side note, pre-registering will enter you into a draw to win prizes such as an iPhone 14, iPad Air, and a Playstation 5, which are all well and good, but the main thing is the panda I am sure we will all agree.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the head start, pre-order Avatars Saga now on the App Store and Google Play.