Marvel Contest of Champions is recruiting some young blood for the Battlerealm

By , on March 8, 2023
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The Battlerealm will be receiving two new denizens as Marvel Contest of Champions makes some room for the next generation of superhero talent. Two of the Young Avengers, Kate Bishop, and Viv Vision, will be bringing their skills to the battlefield.

Joining the fight to tackle a nefarious Hydra plot, is there any other, these may not be the two most high-profile characters, before the Hawkeye Disney show at least, but that does not mean they are any less effective at dealing with their enemies.

Yearning to humanize himself, Vision attempted to build the perfect synthetic family, resulting in a daughter named Viv Vision, because one of the most advanced machines is evidently not so creative. Viv possesses her father's brains, the ability to manipulate her density, and the skill to fire lasers at her foes.

It is the latter of those skills that is most on display in battle, with this somewhat obviously Tech fighter utilizing her Solar Beam skill to fire ranged doom at her foes. When in close quarters, Viv uses density-enhanced blows that can be powered up with button inputs, before awakening her emotional core to overload her beams to unleash an ultimate attack.

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Kate Bishop on the other hand was a regular girl, until she witnessed Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, during the Battle of New York. This inspired her to hone her archery, swordplay, and martial art skills in order to meet her hero, train with him to learn his skills, and then rather rudely steal his job.

Bishop puts her mentor's skills to good use, using her martial art ability to knock her opponents back before quickly unleashing a powerful Trick Arrow, with the ability to follow it up with a hail of Putty Arrows. Her ultimate is quite possibly one of the most stylish in the game, as she fires a Pym Arrow to shrink down her opponent, and then fires an explosive arrow at their tiny selves to utterly obliterate them.

Viv Vision will be arriving on March 15th, with Kate Bishop following on March 30th, so make sure you download Marvel: Contest of Champions from the App Store and Google Play to get ready to recruit.