The One Day Project - 3 Free Games

By , on September 13, 2010

.tiny white tribe, a team of 3 indie developers got together and each spent 24 hours on developing a simple game, and packaged the three games together into a single App that is available free to download. The unique thing about this is that when each of the three games are played, a tally is added to which counts the number of times each game is played worldwide. The game which proves to be the most popular will go further into development in the One Week Project.

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App Info:
A free game pack which includes 3 awesome games!

★ Bubble Jamaica ★ - Bob is a friendly and a bit crazy Rastafarian from Jamaica, he did build something extraordinary - a wonderful bubble machine. Apparatus was so powerful that bubbles would fill all Jamaica from Kingston to Montego Bay. Now your mission is to "pop dem bobbles, mon" as Bob would say. Beautiful, sunny environment filled with palm trees and light blue sky. Relax and just pop dem bubbles as long as you can!

★ Bear USA ★ - Bear the Marshal is hip and lovely teddy bear minding his own business and enjoying nice landscape view from the hill, while some unwelcome intruders are doing anything to disturb him (gently said). Help him by converting evil, scary enemies into beautiful flowers and make your landscape even more beautiful.

★ Cosmos Force ★ - Huston space station is helping one lost alien to get back home to galaxy way beyond sun rays reach. Little alien has to face lots of obstacles while flying through the Cosmos. Dive right into the game of character from cozy little planet far away from earth. Imagine yourself flying through the harsh space in little spaceship. Planets shoots dangerous energy
shock-waves which has to be avoided! Help him go back to his home-planet.

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