Worms Crazy Golf Available Now At A Discounted Price

By , on April 30, 2012

Team17's carefully measured blend of invertebrate slaughter and golf Worms Crazy Golf is available at the discount price of 99c.

This arcade golf game has you driving for par in the colourful 2D world of Worms, avoiding exploding gardeners as you pitch onto the green.

We were surprised by just how well the classic Worms mechanics translate to the world of golf, and relieved to see that the series's trademark humour (and explosions) had made the transition intact.

As such, we awarded Worms Crazy Golf a mighty fine 4/5 in our AppSpy review. That's equivalent to an eagle. Or a birdie. Or something.

Worms Crazy Golf is usually priced at $2.99, and there's no word on how long this discount will last. So, if you're keen to sample this mix of explosive humour and golf, you'd better hurry.

After all, the early birdie catches the Worms. Sorry.