Arcade Shooter Fireball SE Reduced To 99c

By , on May 16, 2012

Fireball SE, the arcade shooter which doesn't actually let you shoot anything, has had its price cut from $1.99 to 99c.

While piloting a small defenceless craft, your primary concern in Fireball SE is survival. But, making that goal rather more difficult  for you are the swarms of enemy ships hell-bent on your destruction.

You'll have to steer your fireball craft past these deadly foes, deftly weaving between the oncoming hordes until you can activate one of the level's fearsome bombs.

Your craft is immune to these awesome explosives, which is jolly fortunate considering you'll soon be chaining explosions to create screen-clearing booms.

Here at AppSpy, we loved Fireball SE's finely balanced risk/reward gameplay, and we praised the game's pixel-perfect control setup. Some may be put off by its lack of variety, but what Fireball SE does, it does very well indeed.

A worthy AppSpy 4/5, then.

Fireball SE is available now for just 99c. There's no word on how long this deal will last, so arcade fans are advised to head on over to the App Store and insert coins to play.