Side-On Racer MotoHeroz Goes Free For a Limited Time

By , on May 17, 2012

RedLynx's bouncy side-scrolling racer MotoHeroz is currently available as an App Store freebie, reduced from its usual price of 99c to absolutely nothing.

Handing you control of a cartoonishly proportioned truck, MotoHeroz has you driving through its 2D levels in pursuit of the fastest time possible.

Upgrades and power-ups enliven that simple concept, but really it's the presence of 'ghost' opponents that'll have you replaying levels over and over, and desperately trying to shave milliseconds off of your time.

That kind of trial and error gameplay may not be for everyone, but MotoHeroz's nuanced physics and intuitive controls make it an accessible racer with plenty of depth.

A very solid AppSpy 4/5, in other words.

It prods at the same addiction nerve centres in your brain as genre staples Trials HD and Trials Evolution, which is no coincidence - all three games come from the same developer.

Bear in mind that this is strictly a limited-time offer, so if MotoHeroz has piqued your interest, you'd best accelerate on over to the App Store now.