FTL: Faster Than Light coming to iPad next year

By , on November 11, 2013
Last modified 7 years, 7 months ago

Starship simulator FTL: Faster Than Light is set to warp onto the App Store in early 2014.

The space-based sim, which has you stewarding your own spaceship around a randomly generated universe, achieved cult status when it arrived on PC last year.

Now, developer Subset Games has announced that it has redesigned FTL's interface to suit touchscreen devices.

Before you get too excited, iPhone owners, I'm sorry to report that this is an iPad-only deal.

Explaining the decision to exclude the iPhone from its release plans on the FTL site, the team said: "It's just not possible to achieve the quality of gameplay we want on such limited screen space."

The iPad version of FTL will also include all of the content in the newly announced Advanced Edition of the game. This expansion adds features like hacking, addition weapons and effects, as well as a mind control system.

If you were a fan of this year's space sim Star Command, then we reckon FTL will be right up your exhaust port. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates.