Pop-up adventure game Tengami unfurling on the App Store tonight

By , on February 19, 2014

Nyamyam is set to release its beautiful pop-up adventure game Tengami onto the App Store tonight at midnight

Tengami has had us excited since we first set eyes on it a few days ago. With beautiful Japanese paper craft art and atmospheric pop-up book style, this puzzle-adventure game instantly stands out with its .

The handcrafted style is more than just aesthetic, however. You have to grab and swipe the environment itself to turn each page and move from one scene to the next. You also interact directly with the objects within the world, folding and unfolding them to uncover their secrets.

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Tengami's plot also plays into its storybook theme, taking you through a collection of traditional Japanese fairy tales. These will see you travelling to forests, shrines and other traditional Japanese settings as you search for the secret behind a dying cherry tree.

An original score from David Wise will accompany you on this calming journey.

The above video will probably be more than enough to explain why we are so excited for Tengami's release. Keep any eye out later tonight when it will appear on the App Store priced £2.99 / $4.99. 

[App Store link]