Historical strategy game Tank Battle: East Front 1941 trundles onto iPhone and iPad

By , on March 3, 2014
Last modified 5 years, 9 months ago

Hunted Cow has released another instalment in its ongoing WWII-era Tank Battle series. This time, the dev has shifted its focus from the conflict in North Africa to the Eastern Front - specifically, battles which took place during 1941.

Tank Battle: East Front 1941 lets you take command of either the Russians or the Germans, and assume control over 44 different types of tank. It's your job to direct your units around the game's hex-based maps, and defeat your enemy in a series of turn-based skuffles.

If you tackle the German Blitzkrieg campaign, then you'll be directing Parnzer 38ts and Wurfrahmen 40s across the map. Side with the Russians, and the BA-10 and Shturmovik will be at your disposal in the First Strike and Desperate Defence campaigns.

We also understand that the dev will release further missions for the game in the near future, covering each year of the conflict up until 1945.

You can download Tank Battle: East Front 1941 on iPhone and iPad for £1.49 / $1.99 now.