Here's that free-to-play Metal Slug tower defence game you all asked for

By , on May 1, 2014
Last modified 7 years, 5 months ago

It seems SNK Playmore have stopped porting old Neo Geo games to iOS long enough to make a their very own Metal Slug game.

Metal Slug Defense leverages the classic 2D sprites and backdrops from the shooter franchise to create its universe. You'll be able to unlock 60 units over the course of the game, and face-off against opponents in over 100 different locations.

Tapping on character icons cause those troop to spawn from your base and advance towards the enemy stronghold in a manner that will be familiar to anyone who has played a tower defence game.

Metal Slug Defense

Free-to-play elements allows you use in-app purchases to power-up your base and troops, so you can expect to be investing cash at some point if you want to be competitive online.

It may be a simple tower defence game, but the familiar Metal Slug sprites have made us a little curious. If you suffer from similar sprite based nostalgia, then Metal Slug Defence is free to download from the App Store now.

[App Store link]


DarkScience 7 years, 5 months ago

I have been playing this game for a while now, I went on for some time before I hit brick wall. The last stage in level 2 is for the most part impossible with the deck you will likely have by then. You are going to need to level up all characters and buy different stronger units. But they do help you do this for free if you are patient.

You get a daily reward for playing the game, either the in game currency (you get lots of anyway) for levelling up, or the premium currency you need to buy new characters. (which you don't get normally)

So I am currently grinding earning more, levelling everything up - characters, the base speed of reproduction etc. Its getting a bit repetitive but I feel I have to beat that level to see whats next. And it does feel like you get a fair amount of in game currency for replaying the levels, you even have what seems completely random, a chance to release a prisoner when you complete the level. Once you have freed all prisoners for the level you get some kind of bonus - not sure what as I have not managed to free them all yet.

There is a fair bit of on the spot tactical decisions - which kind of unit shall i send next to counter whats attacking, kind of thing!

I am not usually a fan of free games, but I find this much more enjoyable than boom beach for example, I hate timers and the game just felt so slow, this game has actually taken its place on my home screen!

Well hope that helps someone, I actually quite like the game - even considered getting the classic metal slug games but at £2.50 I'm still on the fence! Love the classic style but not sure how good it would be to control on touch screens?