See the first screenshots for the third episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2

By , on May 2, 2014
Last modified 6 years, 5 months ago

Telltale has released new info and screenshots of the forthcoming third episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2.

Among other things, the images show that Clementine remains genetically predisposed to danger, and that William Carver - he with the moustache and gummed-up walkie-talkie - is to be voiced by series-newcomer Michael Madsen.

The episode, titled In Harm's Way, uses the same moral choice system that won the series so many awards. Nothing Telltale has released suggests that this is going to be changed in any radical way, so expect the same split-second decision-making that will haunt you for days afterwards.

In terms of storyline, perhaps most interesting is the appearance of characters from The Walking Dead: 400 Days. Telltale confirmed that saves from the bonus chapter will be carried over into Season 2 and inform the storyline and characterarcs. So, for those of you who completed it to help ease the pain of the first season, expect to revisit those choices with a vengeance.

As for a release date, Telltale has been cagey other than to say it will be available "in the very near future." As and when that will be, and for more news on the series, watch this space.