Relive the '80s iOS-style with adventure puzzler MacGyver Deadly Descent

By , on May 23, 2014
Last modified 9 years, 6 months ago

FairPlay Media’s new adventure puzzle game is inspired by that most resourceful of '80s TV icons, MacGuyver.

Based on the TV show, MacGuyver Deadly Descent puts you in the shoes of agent Angus MacGyver as he tries to stop a computer virus from destroying the top secret D.A.W.N laboratory.

Naturally, it's up to you to infiltrate the facility, solve the puzzles therein, and save the day. Think Secret Agent Professor Layton, and you'll get the picture.

Six categories of puzzles will test your logic, memory, and ingenuity while you descend into the complex's depths. If you are of “of weak character”, the game also links to a free cheat app to help you through its more challenging problems.

Designed in collaboration with the show’s creator Lee David Zlotoff and priced at £1.99 / $2.99, MacGyver Deadly Descent is probably a must buy for anyone with fond memories of the TV show. For us, however, this just gives us hope that there may actually be a Knight Rider game in development somewhere out there.

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