Final Fantasy creator goes free-to-play with his next game Terra Battle

By , on July 2, 2014
Last modified 9 years, 11 months ago

The acclaimed designer and director of the Final Fantasy franchise, Hironobu Sakaguchi is going free-to-play with his upcoming mobile RPG Terra Battle.

Coming from a translated Famitsu article, information on Terra Battle is still a little sparse. While it is being built around a free-to-play model, it is designed to be completable without having to spend any penny - providing you have the patients and time.

In the article Sakaguchi also cryptically states that he is hoping to work in collaboration with other game creators on the project. Though it is unclear exactly what this means we would not be adverse to paying for guest director quests that spin-off from the main tale.


As well as having Sakaguchi at the helm, Terra Battle also has Nobuo Uematsu writing the music. With credits going right back to Rad Racer, this legendary composer is adding 20 original tracks to the game’s score.

The iOS release of Terra Battle is planned for September, so keep an eye out for more news soon.

Source: Neo-Gaf