Side-scrolling action-RPG Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard comes to iOS

By , on July 11, 2014

The company behind Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard - ZQGame - describes the title as a "hyperactive action RPG", and after spending a little while with the game at E3, I can totally see why.

The 2D Japanese-chibi-anime-inspired world, PvP and co-op MMO elements, and side-scrolling role playing gameplay are definitely reminiscent of MapleStory - which is certainly no bad thing.

It's the lavishly animated, totally bonkers, completely over-the-top Soul Arts special attacks that set it apart and warrant that "hyperactive" moniker, though. They're really quite something, as you'll see in the trailer.

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Having spent quite some time on the Android store, Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard is now available for iPhone and iPad owners, as a free download.

There are some chunky updates to patch the game after you've downloaded it, and the game is very focussed on its MMO elements, so it might be worth initially staying within range of Wi-Fi if you do decide to check it out.

Have you played the Android version? Will you be playing this on iOS?