This Angry Birds Transformers trailer is so amazingly 80s that it should be wearing jelly shoes

By , on September 3, 2014

There was always going to be a concern amongst Transformers fans that Angry Birds Transformers isn't going to feel authentic, that it would be a quick cash-grab, predicated on nostalgia for a beloved cartoon from the eighties.

If you weren't convinced that wouldn't be the case by this trailer, then I'm pretty sure this one will put any remaining fears to bed.

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If you're too young to remember cartoons created solely for the purpose of marketing toys, or the "unique" properties of VHS, or the pomp of eighties hair metal, then the above may be a little lost on you.

But to those of us staring down the barrel of a rapidly approaching 30s, the trailer for Angry Birds Transformers is pretty much perfect.