Drift'n'Drive trailer reveals 4 person local multiplayer, 60fps play, and thumping soundtrack, has me shaking with anticipation

By , on October 23, 2014

I love nothing more than a good arcade racing game, and it looks like Drift'n'Drive is shaping up to be a very good arcade racing game.

It's a top-down racer where you fight through a pack of cars, avoid obstacles on the track, and use speed boosts to win championships.

Gameplay mods and randomly generated tracks should keep things fresh, there are upgrades to be made to vehicles, there's single screen multiplayer for up to 4 people, it's a silky smooth 60 frames per second, and EDM artist Tommy Baynen (who's been featured on Armin van Buuren's ASOT, as well as contributing music to AG Drive) provides the soundtrack.

I'm hyped, here's the trailer.

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