Take down a dragon and dominate in new idle RPG, Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga

By , on October 25, 2017
Last modified 3 years, 2 months ago

Tranquil taps and touches are all that’s needed to complete your journey in Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga, a new RPG that offers players an idle approach to their role-playing. Available now on iOS and Android from today, the game combines full 3D visuals with an easy to pick up control scheme, being perfect for those craving deep mechanics but don’t have much time on their hands.

As the title indicates, Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga features a near-infinite number of dungeons to work your way through, with over 3,000 challenges to overcome and plenty of gold to gather. Such activities aim to provide players with a constant sense of freshness when questing, all wrapped up in a fully 3D RPG that is effortless to play thanks to stripped-back and easy controls.

There are over 70 distinct heroes to acquire during your quest to defeat the red dragon, with Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga’s combat primarily revolving around deck building. The more capable characters you collect, the higher the chances of you winning battles, and it’s these stronger types that will help give you the edge over foes. All are upgradable by way of in-game time stones, improving skill effects and damage.

The true test comes when heading into Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga’s dedicated PVP arenas, which allows you to take the fight to other adventurers internationally. It’s here where you can discover whether your hero deck has what it takes to take down the best of them, earning many lucrative rewards if you’re able to do so.

You don’t have to wait long to indulge in this idle RPG, Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga is free to download now for iOS and Android devices.

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