Big Farm: Mobile Harvest puts you in charge of your very own plot of land

By , on October 26, 2017

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is the new version of Goodgame Studios’ farm simulator, previously only playable through browsers. Now you can grow your own farm into a thriving enterprise from your handheld device, without ever having to get muddy. Hooray!

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You’ve just inherited some acres of land from your uncle George, and it’s your job to transform the plot, planting crops, hiring farmhands and rearing animals to turn this brownfield into a green and pleasant land.

Helping you along the way are Tessa and Benny, along with other cheerful local folk. They’ll give you advice and issue you quests to complete. You can form co-ops with other Big Farm: Mobile Harvest players online, too, exchanging tips and tricks.

The game prioritises strategy over action, and is all about growing your plot in a steady, sustainable way. Keep your workers happy to keep costs down and production high. Keep the animals happy to make a profit at market. Reuse bi-products like manure to make your land more fertile, and reinvest your resources into growing your farm into a success. Aside from regular quests, there are seasonal events to keep you entertained, including a Fairytale Festival and Halloween party to look forward to.

If all that farmyard fun sounds clucking brilliant, you can download Big Farm: Mobile Harvest for free now on iOS and Android.

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