Special update to celebrate Lineage 2: Revolution passing 100 days since its launch

By , on March 8, 2018

Lineage 2: Revolution was only launched last year, but players have already managed to rack up over 170 million hours of play. That’s a hell of a lot of hacking and slashing, levelling up, grinding for gear and creating clans. To mark 100 days since its release, the latest entry into the South Korean MMORPG franchise recently received an update. It’s a little thank you from developer Netmarble Games.

The update features two new events to take advantage of. Firstly, the Equipment Substat Change is a shiny reward for players who change their equipment substats before 13 March. Successfully change yours at least one, and you’ll get a mailbox full of red diamonds – 200 to be exact – by 21 March. You can never have too many diamonds.

There’s also the Dice Event. Roll the dice to land on a square and reap the rewards, This can net you a variety of A-grade boxes, containing equipment for your mounts and summoning circle fragments. You get two free rolls of the dice every day, simply by logging in. More rolls can be bought with Dice Points, earned by completing in-game content. 100 Dice Points equals another roll.

There’s a new mount in town, too. The Maned Lion is a rare pet boasting an increased crit rate, HP regeneration, a speed of 750 and maximum HP. You can get your very own either from the Summoning Circle or the in-game shop.

Join the 100th day celebration by logging in to Lineage 2: Revolution. You can download the game for free from the App Store and Google Play. Don’t forget to follow the official Facebook page for the latest updates and to connect with other players: www.facebook.com/OfficialLineage2Revolution

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