Explore the solar system and inhabit new worlds using real science in TerraGenesis

By , on May 24, 2018
Last modified 4 years, 4 months ago

TerraGenesis has already sent over 1 million brave iOS explorers to new planets, and now the game is giving Android players the chance to join in the fun. TerraGenesis is an elegant space management game that’s based on real NASA data. Travel to distant planets and terraform them to create new intergalactic civilizations.

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You have the power to meld the solar system’s planets into habitats fit for living creatures. Use science and technology to ensure your world has sufficient air pressure and oxygen, while keeping the ecosystem and sea levels in check. Should you overcome all of these challenges, you might even get the chance to create your own organisms using genes and phyla. Choose from a diverse mix of worlds to colonize, including familiar players like Mars and Venus, as well as fictional planets like Bacchus and Ragnarok. If you have a clear vision for your space colonies, join a Faction, which grants you unique advantages based on the group you join.

To add to the excitement, TerraGenesis will soon be rolling out its latest Historical Earths update. The patch introduces an exciting new time exploration mechanic that allows you to interact with a planet's indigenous inhabitants. You'll also have to account for new Worldkillers, rare disasters that could spell trouble for your young colonies.

TerraGenesis is free to play on both Android and iOS right now.

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