4 reasons why Langrisser Mobile will give Fire Emblem: Heroes a run for its money

By , on November 30, 2018

Having first launched in the early '90s, Langrisser and Fire Emblem have been considered the two titans of turn-based RPG's for almost 20 years now. It's fortuitous then that both popular franchises will soon be available on mobile – with the release of Fire Emblem Heroes last year and Langrisser Mobile's upcoming launch in the new year.

The developer behind Langrisser Mobile has had all this extra time to perfect the SRPG formula so we've taken a look at some of the areas where it aims to improve upon its rival.

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Larger maps

One of the first thing you'll notice about Langrisser Mobile when it launches next year are the size of its maps, which are expansive to say the least.

Rather than being limited to the condensed experience of Fire Emblem Heroes' 8x6 maps, Langrisser Mobile's maps are set to be far greater in scale, delivering a far greater tactical focus during battles.

The scale of the game isn't just present in the size of the maps either, but the sheer quantity of them (over 300 in total).

It's prettier to look at

Both Fire Emblem Heroes and Langrisser Mobile retain the gorgeous art styles that have kept both franchises so popular, but Langrisser Mobile truly goes the extra mile when it comes to attention to detail.

The character designs are just as beautiful to look at as Nintendo's title, but the environments are where Langrisser Mobile truly shines, with dense forests, vast lakes, and impressive fortresses rendered with exquisite lighting effects.

This attention to detail isn’t just present in Langrisser Mobile’s overworld, however; it’s also translated effectively into the game's battle animations which give a real impression that your attacks are having an impact.

Restoration of classic series battles

Besides featuring a new and original storyline, Langrisser Mobile also offers its fans a nostalgia trip thanks to the inclusion of classic series battles. This is ZLONGAME’s way of paying homage to the many exciting Langrisser events that have taken place so far, allowing players to relive moments like Escape from the Capital, The Revived Alhazard as much as they wish - a feature that isn't present in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Trademark class transfer system intact

The class transfer system is a Langrisser hallmark, and one that unfortunately isn't present in Fire Emble Heroes. This is what enables players to take their selected hero far beyond what they were originally capable of, with each having their own class tree that allows for a near-infinite amount of battle combinations. Harnessing these skill trees and matching them up with other classes in your party is what will turn the tide of battle.

Better yet, when a hero or heroine reaches the final level of their class, it’ll unlock a hidden aspect of their storyline that will better explain who they are and their reason for fighting. It’s a little extra context that serves to deepen the story being told in Langrisser Mobile.

If you want to get a feel for how the full Langrisser Mobile will turn out, you can sign up for for its Closed Beta test via Langrisser Mobile's official website.

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