Webzen released the much awaited MU Origin 2

By , on May 28, 2019
Last modified 2 years, 4 months ago

Looking for your next 3D MMMORPG fix on mobile? MU Origin 2 launches today on iOS and Android, arriving just in time to fill that gap. As the second spin-off to Webzen’s highly popular MU series, the game successfully builds upon the various foundations set by the original while thrusting players into a new rendition of MU Kingdom – full of dungeons to plunder and enemies to battle.

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Any MMO is only as good as the way it lets you connect with others. Webzen recognized this, and so doubled down on numerous aspects that made the original MU Origin so successful while improving upon them. Intense real-time PvP battles make their return, for example, but this is also possible across servers to help ensure players are never at a loss for friends to take on. This directly feeds into Mu Origin 2’s Guild system, where you can conquer quests and dungeons as part of a team.

It all begins when you create a character and choose from three different class types: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard and Elf. Each have their own abilities that makes them fun to upgrade and play as, capable of being equipped with heaps of in-game gear. Your character will be even more unique when accompanied by a Guardian Pet that will join and aid you in battle.

The world of MU Origin 2 is incredibly diverse and well-realised, all done in the effort to make it one worth exploring from end to end. This is made even easier when grabbinga mount, which can then be used to traverse long distances. There’s plenty to keep pulling you back in too, as MU Origin 2 is already prepping for numerous daily and weekly quests and rewards.

Buddy up and quest across a fantastical landscape in MU Origin 2, available for free now from the Google Play and App Store.

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