Nostalgia-driven arcade space shooting gets underway as P.3 hits the App Store

By , on July 5, 2019

If you’ve been struggling to get your retro gaming fix recently, then rest easy. Developer Devjgame’s P.3 is a new vertical arcade shooter that aims to fill that void, delivering smooth shooting in a package that is unabashedly a throwback to the CRT screens of the retro era. It’s available from the App store now, featuring five boss-filled levels, and only requires two buttons to play.


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The first thing you’ll notice when jumping into P.3 is just how unique-looking it is. Ships and environments are all rendered in classic black and white, lovingly brought to life using a classic 8-bit art style which sees the game work as a love letter to classic arcade games. All this is backed up by a notable chip-tune soundtrack – set to inspire you further as you utter to yourself, “one more run!”.


Each of P.3’s five stages will test your reaction time, shooting skills, and ability to dodge around enemies as they rapidly approach you. Thankfully, your ship comes equipped with a wide variety of power-ups and weapons that helps shake up the shoot-em-up formula. Just hit the two required buttons simultaneously to enter slo-mo and unleash a devastating attack.

You control your ship using only the two side buttons, with each one capable of changing your direction while also firing out bullets at the same time. This simple control set-up assures that all players can jump into P.3 with relative ease, making it ideal for extended play sessions as well as a time-waster while waiting for the bus.

Experience classic arcade shooting the way it was meant to be. P.3 is freely available to download from the App Store now.


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