Dive into the tactical world of football like never before with Goalscorer, out now on iOS and Android

By , on August 17, 2023

Whilst football is undoubtedly a game full of tactical choices and challenges, SG Organisations has taken it a step further with the latest version of their retro-style skill game called Goalscorer. This latest open Beta ‘Training Edition’ of Goalscorer has taken the much-beloved sport and meshed it together with traditional board games like Chess and Checkers.

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Football games are often the realm of those with faster reflexes, so it may put off anyone with limited dexterity, but that doesn’t matter with Goalscorer as players face off in games of up to 15 minutes in a turn-based manner so you don’t have to be the most rapid of movers.

You will have a team of eleven players and a sub, each with their own number, and either a youth, pro, or star designation. The youths are able to go to the end of the board to be promoted but can be captured by the opposing pro player counters, but that may not always be the best thing to do.

Depending on the number of the piece captured, you will either score a goal, be called offside and have a piece's number revealed, or concede a penalty and have a player sent off. In the case of capturing a star, you will score two goals and immediately end the game, which could either win or lose you the match.

Goalscorer is a rather tactical affair for one main reason; you can’t see the numbers of most of your opponent’s player counters. You will either need to tempt your opponent into getting penalties to weaken their team, offsides to scout their team, throw caution to the wind and take any player getting close to the endzone, or take the ultimate risk and just rush your star to the end for an early win.

Taking on other players is also a more rewarding experience here, as the top three players of each month will earn prizes for their nominated football team. The developers are encouraging contenders to pick amateur or school teams for obvious reasons, or if you aren’t a fan of any team, you can pick a charity instead.

Goalscorer Training Edition is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.