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Fieldrunners 2 Review

Review Subatomic Studios, LLC By Andrew Nesvadba, 9 years, 11 months ago
Fieldrunners 2 Review

When Fieldrunners by Subatomic Studios first launched, AppSpy wasn't even up and running. However, it was one of the very first to be reviewed and with good reason - Fieldrunners came to define the tower defense genre for touch devices, combining an open-layout system and grueling challenges that required players to design their mazes carefully to survive as long as possible. Almost four years in the making, the sequel finally hits, but with plenty of regular updates to the original a…

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Fieldrunners Review

Fieldrunners Review

Fieldrunners is a tower defence game with a difference. Your goal is to place defence towers along a battlefield in order to stop the various enemies as they advance towards your base of operations. However, the way in which you place towers and plan your defence is completely up to you. The controls are incredibly simple. Select a tower of your choice and drag it onto the battlefield. You can also block your enemy’s path, forcing them to go around your towers. This is where fie…

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