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dEXTRIS Review

Review Chaotic Box By Alex Beech, 9 years, 9 months ago
dEXTRIS Review

Dextris is twitch gaming distilled down to its purest form. Controlling two neon coloured blocks in unison, your simple task is to dodge left and right as you rocket endlessly upwards through its vertically-scrolling course. By default, the pink and blue squares you command sit happily in the middle of the screen. Holding the right side of the screen causes both blocks to shoot rapidly to the right and grind their way up the wall. Hold the left side, and you'll get the opposite result…

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Silverfish Review

Review Chaotic Box By Andrew Nesvadba, 13 years, 3 months ago
Silverfish Review

Silverfish by Chaotic Box looks like a twin-stick shooter and feels like a twin-stick shooter, so you'd be forgiven for dismissing it as just another twin-stick shooter... But it's not. With merely one finger you'll dispense destruction and chaos while attempting to either scavenge for morsels of food, bide your time to become the predator and not the prey or to simply attempt to survive against the odds. Instead of mucking around with virtual d-pads, analogue sticks or tilt controls,…

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Silverfish DX

Silverfish DX $1.99

App 1.0.3

Painty Fingers Glow

Painty Fingers Glow $2.99

App 1.1.1

Painty Fingers

Painty Fingers $2.99

App 1.1.1

Nozoku Rush

Nozoku Rush $1.99

App 1.0.3

Critter Panic

Critter Panic FREE!

App 1.0.6


nozoku $1.99

App 1.0.6

Silverfish MAX

Silverfish MAX $2.99

App 1.0.9

Critter Panic!

Critter Panic! $1.99

App 1.1.13


Pollywog FREE!

App 1.0.3


flOOid FREE!

App 1.4.1

Pinch n Pop!

Pinch n Pop! FREE!

App 1.3.9