Silverfish Review

By , on November 15, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Slick electric-neon visuals.
  • Intuitive and responsive single-finger controls.
  • Three unique modes to master.


  • Level progress not saved on exit.


Silverfish is the sort of game you'd get if you crammed Snake and Geometry Wars together, but instead of some half-half mix it's a unique blend that looks and feels solid.

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Silverfish by Chaotic Box looks like a twin-stick shooter and feels like a twin-stick shooter, so you'd be forgiven for dismissing it as just another twin-stick shooter... But it's not. With merely one finger you'll dispense destruction and chaos while attempting to either scavenge for morsels of food, bide your time to become the predator and not the prey or to simply attempt to survive against the odds.

Instead of mucking around with virtual d-pads, analogue sticks or tilt controls, Silverfish allows you to swipe the screen to determine the direction of your 'silverfish'. Initially this has the feel of a kind of touch-anywhere d-pad, however with experimentation you'll learn to keep your finger touching the screen to elegantly swipe your way around enemies to corral them towards 'POW' bombs that you can detonate by passing over them. Each of the game's three modes feature slightly different objectives and while they initially share similarities, as the games progress in to later stages they diversify and require entirely new strategies to deal with unique enemies and challenges.

The visuals are also in keeping with its twin-stick masquerade, featuring neon-highlighted creatures and a rippling electro-water background that dynamically shifts as you swim around and detonate your enemies. Each mode also features a unique and dynamic electronic soundtrack to set the mood, though music from iTunes can be substituted if you're ducking in for a quick round.

Silverfish may wear the outward appearance of a generic twin-stick shooter, but it's anything but an average game and certainly not a twin-stick title. Whether you're scraping together enough resources to survive the next wave or biding your time to turn the tables on your enemies, Silverfish is a predatorial action arcade game that's surprisingly addictive and worth checking out.


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