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Threes! Review

Review Sirvo LLC By Alex Beech, 7 years, 2 months ago
Threes! Review

When we first fired up Threes!, we admit that we weren't quite prepared for the charm offensive we were about to receive. A quick tutorial shows you the basics. To play, you must swipe a group of tiles up, down, left, or right across a 4x4 grid. Pushing a 1 tile against a 2 tile creates a 3 tile. But from there tiles only combine with tiles bearing a matching number - 3 tiles combine with other 3 tiles into 6 tiles, 6s into 12s, and so on. The aim  of the game is to combine…

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Puzzlejuice Review

Review Sirvo LLC By Andrew Nesvadba, 9 years, 3 months ago
Puzzlejuice Review

If you haven't reached a comfortable state of equilibrium with common arcade titles that feature gameplay elements such as color-matching, word-finding or block tessellating, then I can only assume you're a very VERY recent convert to the world of gaming. Don't worry, you'll join the fold soon enough and if you're interested in getting there even faster you can play Puzzlejuice because it combines all three. The best part is it caters to those with only a few seconds spare; those who…

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