Unstoppable Fist Review

By , on July 3, 2012

Unstoppable Fist
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4 out of 5


  • Really fantastic pixel art and animation combined with a rocking soundtrack.
  • Addictive score attack gameplay.


  • Light on content (new levels just have re-skinned enemies instead of offering unique challenges).


A throwback to 80s action movies and arcade gaming when the test of a man was how high a score you could achieve by punching things. Simple arcade fun.

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When one looks back at the 80s, there's usually a pretty even split between those with fond memories, and those who involuntary shudder at the mere mention of the decade's name. Unstoppable Fist kind of walks this fine line, both paying tribute to, and satirizing the excesses of the 80s action movie, all wrapped up in addictive score attack gameplay.

While first you may be bombarded with the catchy chiptune soundtrack and bombastic pixel art, the game has you picking a difficulty before jumping into the fray. There you will be introduced to the majestic mullet-ed action star under your control. Creatures are flying at him from all directions, and it's through your manly power of tapping that you defend him from this onslaught. We recommend trying the first stage on easy before moving forward, just to get the idea of the mechanics. See, in easy mode the enemies come one at a time, allowing you to get used to the individual quirks of your foes, and the best way to dispose of them, while in normal and hard modes, they fly in from multiple directions all at the same time requiring a much greater mastery of touch and timing.

There are six areas of the screen that enemies come in from, and tapping in those zones will have your hero launch a fist or foot in that direction. Tapping two directions simultaneously will execute a double attack, and swiping one side of the screen will take out an entire row. You want to wait till the enemy is in range however. Attacking thin air or getting hit will reset your score multiplier which will take away your chances to rise to the top of the leaderboards. This is a score attack game after all, and besting a previous effort or ranking high amongst other players is the whole reason for playing once the amusement of the presentation wears off.

Now the game might be a little too simplistic for some players, but the only criticism we have of it is that all the stages after the first are just a re-skin, both in background and with the enemies. It would have been nice to have the different areas throw new and unique challenges at the player. Regardless though, this is a fun, addictive high score game that shows a lot of effort has been put into both presentation and mechanics, and is a definite recommend from us here at AppSpy.


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