By , on September 12, 2012

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4 out of 5


  • Such a simple idea taught through gameplay.
  • So many possibilities added by new blocks that change the rules.
  • The presentation ties everything together.


  • Resetting the level doesn't reset the timer.
  • The price of all the additional puzzle packs.


A must for puzzle fans. Reminiscent of the numbers and dragging from Pathpix, but this is definitely its own beast and a fierce contender in its genre.

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Upon loading up Huebrix, I was instantly reminded of one of the great underrated puzzle games of the App Store, Pathpix. In both games you have to drag a color over a predetermined number of squares on a grid to fill in the entirety of the level. While in Pathpix, this presented you with a completed image and a clever quote, Huebrix rewards you by having your color trails turn into sentient worm creatures that slither off the screen, escaping your perception. Of course that's not the only difference; I just wanted to mention the worms.

Huebrix's art style is very sterile, with simple grids and each new additional mechanic represented by a simple icon that makes its purpose understood within a couple seconds of playing the level in which it is first introduced. And these icons continuously make an appearance every few levels throughout play (at least in the starter pack). It's like the game is saying, “OK, you've understood that, how about this? OK, you've grasped that concept, let's throw a couple of these together”. It's in this way that despite how simple and lacking in detail the whole experience is, it soon becomes highly addictive.

Inevitably you are going to get stuck however, and this is where the hint system comes in. Depending on what phase of the puzzle you are on, tapping on a hint will help you with the area you're having trouble with (unless you do it at the start of the level, in which case it asks you to pick a color and then it gives you that solution). Hints are not free however and if you find yourself relying on them, you will need to recharge through in-app purchase. The same goes for content too, as you only get a few puzzle packs with the game purchase, and all the others are behind a pay wall. In the case you wish to play more but don't want to spend money, well there's a level editor as a way to create and share with friends, and hopefully in a future update this will open up to a community of user-created content.

Huebrix is a puzzle game that requires the player to be aware and adventurous. Not all of the mechanics are evident upon glancing at the icon, but playing around with the color trails will soon uncover their secrets. Simplistic, and addictive; this is a must for any puzzle fan looking for something to whittle away the free hours. While the price for all the content is worrying, you can enjoy yourself with the base purchase and the level creator. A great game with the potential to become greater with the right tweaks to its design and supporting the community.


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