Run Like Hell! Deluxe Review

By , on December 22, 2010

Run Like Hell! Deluxe
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4 out of 5


  • Parkour inspired run-and-jump gameplay.
  • Endless modes unlocked via campaign.
  • Multiple locations with unique challenges.
  • Smooth animations and visuals.


  • Control responsiveness takes a while to get comfortable.
  • Some repetition required; 'memorization' rewarded more than 'skill'.


Run Like Hell! is a welcome change-up from the straight jumping of other runner titles, incorporating a slightly more realistic method of getting about (if not terribly realistic as a situation); a good grab for fans of this style of gameplay.

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For the sake of clarity, I should point out that we are currently in the year 2010 and while I'm generally willing to 'go with the flow' on game concepts, it's somewhat quaint to see a game featuring a white dude running like hell from a bunch of cannibalistic islanders who have tagged him as their next feast. But, political correctness nonsense aside, the appropriately named 'Run Like Hell!' by Mass Creation uses the setup as solid motivator in their runner title and a great excuse to feature some unique locales to run through.

In order to stand out from the crowd, Run Like Hell! features a Parkour-like system for its run-and-jump mechanics, allowing your character to react to the world in a fairly realistic manner - tripping over smaller obstacles and stopping to climb over or crawl under larger ones. Good timing with your jump or slide controls will allow you to keep up the pace as the tribal warriors constantly close in, however different power-ups can give you small advantages like a burst of adrenaline to sprint ahead or a handy 'zap' to stall pursuers for a brief moment.

The unique feel of the free-running style holds together quite well, though at times hazards are spaced out in a way to foul you up unless you've had constant practice with a particular map and have memorized these sequences. This can feel cheap, but each level is self contained and short enough to warrant a couple playthroughs before moving on through the game's challenging campaign. New locations opened up in the campaign will also be available in the endless mode and with achievements and Game Center integration you can expect some life after the game is completed.

If you're not entirely drained from the available pack of runners already out there, I heartily recommend Run Like Hell! for its unique feel and terrifically challenging style that rewards slick maneuvers over simple reaction speed.


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