Hockey Nations 2011 Pro Review

By , on March 14, 2011

Hockey Nations 2011 Pro
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3 out of 5


  • Jam-packed with content; 7 modes, 18 International teams, 40 Playoff teams.
  • Relatively easy to pick up and play; follows most basic sport-game conventions.
  • Local multiplay; Wifi & Bluetooth.


  • Generic presentation; no licensing, basic models and arena.
  • Tutorial insufficient for new players.
  • Incomplete iOS 4 support - progression lost when app closes.


It's not often that good gaming intersects with Ice Hockey on the App Store and while Hockey Nations 2011 Pro isn't the shining beacon fans have hoped for, it still provides a decent amount of variety and challenge.

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Finding a decent Ice Hockey title isn't always easy and while the 2K series certainly has its charms it's not always the most complete in its representation of the sport. Hockey Nations 2011 Pro by Distinctive Developments attempts to pack in a whole lot of features while still looking and feeling great, but a few rough edges keep it from really leading the pack.

For those not already embedded in the sport, attempting to fathom how to approach the game can be challenging as there's no handy system for teaching the finer aspects of the gameplay or Hockey Nation's unique tactical features. For the most-part those familiar with sports titles should be able to find themselves at ease with the basic virtual stick and three-button setup consisting of a pass/shoot/sprint combination that changes accordingly when on the defensive. Overall tactics for your team can be quickly modified by using a drop-down menu and attempting to use it mid-game can be cumbersome, but it also grants access to being able to initiate brawls that are controlled via a simple swipe setup.

Fans of the sport will be spoiled for choices when presented with the multitude of game modes including local multiplayer via Wifi or Bluetooth, though the AI may not present much of a challenge at times as it's prone to making poor decisions or simply not acting at all.

The graphics aren't much to write home about either, with the crowd being simply filled in with one-dimensional textures while the players themselves remain mostly indistinct from each other.

It's hard to accuse Hockey Nations 2011 Pro of trying to short-change those who fit within its niche scope, but the value does come with a price of being too unrefined for casual sports fans to really enjoy; still, worth checking out if you're an Ice Hockey fan.


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