Monkey Slam Review

By , on September 13, 2012

Monkey Slam
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4 out of 5


  • Power-ups add a lot of mayhem to the game.
  • New concepts added regularly.


  • The monkey itself looks quite unnerving.


It's Arkanoid with Monkeys. 'Nuff said.

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If you're a giant monkey, obviously you want to eat fruit... but what are you to do when said fruit is hidden inside of blocks and gems that are oddly hovering over your head all along your island paradise? Throw a smaller monkey up to crack open the blocks and harvest the goodness inside of course! Monkey Slam is a version of Breakout, replacing the ball and paddles with monkeys, changing up the crazy power-ups and adding a dash more visual flair. Now Breakout as fun as it can be is known for a slow game speed that is not always all that exciting. Luckily its the power-ups in Monkey Slam that make all the difference.

The levels begin like classic Breakout. Pick a direction and tap to send your monkey flying. From there, dragging your finger across the screen will move the big ape which needs to be there to meet his simian companion on the rebound. Collecting the dropping fruit will add more points and bananas, which can be thrown to smash more bricks or any stragglers if you're getting towards the end and can't seem to hit the right angle.

One of the most prominent power-ups is a form of multi-ball which gives you three monkeys to juggle, and while you're breaking bricks, bombs will appear that when tapped will explode the area. This plus everything else going on lights up the level in a frenzy of stimuli and activity, and before you know it, you're on to the next stage to relive these crazy events all over again. There are obstacles like spikes however that will impede your progress, but because these type of games rely heavily on the luck of the ball (or monkey), it's best to not worry too much about them, mostly cause the positive power-ups outweigh any hassle they may cause.

With the visuals supporting the craziness of a level in progress Monkey Slam is fun the same way Pachinko or pinball is. While this takes more skill than Pachinko, it operates on the same feedback of lights and craziness, as well as fruit collection (and bombardment if you wish to use your bananas). A very solid Breakout style game that's easy to recommend. No monkey business.


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