Big Buck Hunter Pro Review

By , on October 31, 2009

Big Buck Hunter Pro
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3 out of 5


  • Great looking 3D visuals; on par with arcade version.
  • Players are able to use their iPod during gameplay, but must turn the game sound off to stop overlapping soundtracks.
  • Two main game options and three mini-games to play through.


  • Only three environments to choose from.
  • Only one type of trophy animal to hunt – Deer.
  • Tapping controls aren’t the most involved controls for a hunting game.


Die hard fans of the arcade series may enjoy what’s on offer but if you’re looking for a more realistic and varied hunting game, you might want to look somewhere else.

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Celebrating the well known gameplay of the arcade franchise, Big Buck Hunter Pro is the latest deer hunting addition to the iTunes store. Like the arcade version, players will embark on a trek through the wilderness to hunt deer for trophies. Unlike the arcade version however, there are some changes to the core gameplay to accommodate for the iPhone interface.

Players now shoot deer and reload their gun by tapping on the iPhone screen. There are no reticles or scopes of any kind so players will have to tap, and tap fast to kill all three bucks in each level. This control scheme works but doesn’t quite fit into the hunting gameplay; you’ll seem to be tapping madly more than calculating shots.

Visually, the game is on par with its arcade counterpart and looks great. The sound is also well done and players are free to use their iPod to create a custom soundtrack for your hunt. The game offers one main hunting mode - with short and long trip options, three mini games and online leaderboard access.

While it works well as an arcade game, Big Buck Hunter Pro doesn’t translate that well onto the iPhone. The control scheme doesn’t match the gameplay and there are limits in the hunting itself; such as the levels and only deer to hunt. It’s still a solid game but might be reserved for fans of the arcade series as there are some better, more rounded hunting games available for the iPhone.


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