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Star*Burst Review

Review Super Happy Fun Fun, Inc. By Andrew Nesvadba, 13 years, 3 months ago
Star*Burst Review

Star*Burst is a new match-three game from the excessively named developer Super Happy Fun Fun. This is truly a unique take on the genre combining time-management games with gem matching for some frantic and sometimes frustrating fun. Gems are passed down a multi-row conveyor belt that need to be caught with your paddle and then tossed up one at a time to form matching groups. Bonuses are awarded for more complex patterns and gems can be tossed back onto the conveyor belt if needed. Pe…

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Big Buck Hunter Pro Review

Big Buck Hunter Pro Review

Celebrating the well known gameplay of the arcade franchise, Big Buck Hunter Pro is the latest deer hunting addition to the iTunes store. Like the arcade version, players will embark on a trek through the wilderness to hunt deer for trophies. Unlike the arcade version however, there are some changes to the core gameplay to accommodate for the iPhone interface. Players now shoot deer and reload their gun by tapping on the iPhone screen. There are no reticles or scopes of any kind so pl…

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Big Buck HD Pocket Guide

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App 1.0.5

Field and Stream Fishing

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Big Buck Safari

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Return to Dark Castle

Return to Dark Castle $9.99

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Field & Stream Fishing

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Star*Burst HD

Star*Burst HD $2.99

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Ace Yeti Trapper

Ace Yeti Trapper $0.99

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Snowboarding-TnT $0.99

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