Star*Burst Review

By , on February 11, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Great new blend of gameplay for match-three games.
  • Hyper-neon 3D game world and special effects.


  • Minor control issues with a sometimes confusing touch input.


Star*Burst is a match-three game that shows there's still life left in the genre and when it's paired with so much to do you're sure to find yourself glued to it for hours.

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Star*Burst is a new match-three game from the excessively named developer Super Happy Fun Fun. This is truly a unique take on the genre combining time-management games with gem matching for some frantic and sometimes frustrating fun.

Gems are passed down a multi-row conveyor belt that need to be caught with your paddle and then tossed up one at a time to form matching groups. Bonuses are awarded for more complex patterns and gems can be tossed back onto the conveyor belt if needed. Perhaps one of the only concerns of Star*Burst is the simplicity of its controls. While this is ordinarily a good thing, attempting to move, throw or toss gems can become a matter of finesse using just one finger, and a potentially huge bonus can easily be ruined in this confusion.

Star*Burst is a neon 3D and special effect bonanza. As you complete matches more frequently the game rewards you with bigger effects and even some collectables that you can view later. There's a lot of content out of the package and each level has different objectives for completion so you'll be kept entertained for ages.

Casual gamers who are fond of fast high-scoring games and even puzzle elements will get a huge kick out of this must try game. With so much to do and its unique style of gameplay Star*Burst is a sure-fire one-way ticket to addictive gameplay.


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